Clubroom Financial Support Program

Last updated on 12 May 2021

Supporter Subscription Rebates

Clubroom will return to your club part of the proceeds of supporter subscriptions via the Clubroom mobile app as a way to offset the cost of subscription. Your rebate will be calculated as:

  • Clubroom Gold: $2.00 per supporter subscription or annual renewal 
  • Clubroom Silver: $1.50 per supporter subscription or annual renewal
  • Clubroom Bronze: No rebate

The return will be provided as a credit against next year’s subscription. Supporter Subscriptions are renewed annually. This means that if you have 400 supporters subscribing to your club your storage of archives, history and memories as well as your public website will be FREE.

Sponsor Advertising

In the Silver and Gold packages the sponsor banner advertising is supported. Use Clubroom banner advertising to give tangible sponsor benefits to attract more sponsorship support.