Clubroom registrations are for a single sport. In shared facilities, typically each sport has a separate committee that will need to commit to using Clubroom. Without commitment, no one will supply

To engage your members with Clubroom you need:

  • Someone to enter live score updates. You will need a volunteer from each grade to post score updates during the game every 10 minutes or so so that supporters who can’t be there can join the excitement. Don’t just cover the A grade.
  • Someone to moderate game photos. Everyone using the Clubroom App can submit game photos. A responsible volunteer is needed to check the photos and approve them for instant publishing. This protects against inappropriate being shared as well as members receiving lots of photos of the same action.
  • Someone to enter team lists. When teams are announced, the team lists and game locations can be shared on Clubroom to keep everyone informed. This could be done by the coaches or by designated volunteer.
  • Someone to enter club announcements. Clubroom is a great way to get the message out and keep your supporters involved.

When you have lined up all the people for these simple and fun tasks, tell your members and supporters to download and install Clubroom and subscribe to your Club!

Your club website will be at [your club name].clubroom.com.au.

Enter what you would like for [yourclubname].
for example: blacktownsoccerclub

The name has to be unique in the world and not able to be confused with other clubs in your town.

If there are two Blacktown Soccer Clubs in the world then the first one to register gets the first choice of name!