Data Storage Policy

At Clubroom we are passionate about preserving the history of community sporting clubs.

Media and files that you upload will be placed in long term secure data storage so that they are available to your club and members for a long time.

Storage of Images

To keep reasonable control on storage space consumption, when you upload an image we will process it down to a maximum resolution of

  • Clubroom Bronze: 1920px by 1920px (HD)
  • Clubroom Silver: 3840px a 3840px (4K)
  • Clubroom Gold: 3840px a 3840px (4K)

They will be stored as JPG files compressed to medium quality.

Your access to your files

All media provided by your club belongs to your club. You can freely download your files via the Clubroom administration interface. You can also request a download archive of all files uploaded as your own backup. Virtual Clubroom Pty Ltd will within 60 days make available your files for convenient download. 

If your club goes into recess

When a club goes into recess they cannot pay ongoing subscription costs and there is no-one to take responsibility for the files. Virtual Clubroom will archive your club’s files for a period of up to 10 years after your subscription has ceased. When your subscription ceases, your clubroom public website will no longer operate and your club will not be available for subscription via the Clubroom mobile app. 

If you club recommences operations, you can get in touch with us to restore your old Clubroom subscription and online history.

Disposal of Archives

After ten years of non-subscription, or sooner if we believe that there is no likelihood of restarting, Virtual Clubroom Pty Ltd will offer your club’s files to an appropriate community library for ongoing storage.

If reasonable endeavours to find a library to accept your files are unsuccessful we reserve the right to destroy your historic files.

Once your club files have been delivered to a library, Virtual Clubroom may remove all copies from long term storage.

If your club merges with another club.

When clubs amalgamate, preserving past history is important. Virtual Clubroom Pty Ltd will work with the affected clubs to achieve the best outcome for your members with no loss of history.

If Clubroom ceases trading.

We think it is unlikely… but “forever” is a really long time!

If for any reason Clubroom ceases operating, it won’t happen suddenly and you will be given the opportunity to download your entire media and data collection so that you can make alternate arrangements to store it.